Transport of rolling freight, but also containers and project cargo, the “Africa Service” directly connects the Mediterranean with West Africa. With regular departures every 11 days for the rolling cargo, from the ports of Genoa, Leghorn, Salerno, to Casablanca, Dakar (11 days), Lome (17 days), Lagos(19 days),Cotonou(18 days),  and Abidjan(15 days). Further with transhipment in Dakar port and Lagos, we serve the ports of  Takoradi(Ghana), Conakry (Guinea 24 days), Freetown (Sierra Leone 33 days), Doula (Cameroon 30 days), Pointe Noire (Congo-Brazzaville 27 days), Libreville (Gabon 46 days),Banjul (Gambia 47 days) Tema (Ghana 26 days), and Luanda (Angola 28 days).

- Vehicles in roro can be carried only if empty, we can admit  other vehicle oveloaded but without tyres.

Documents to ship Vehicles to Africa: ask us wich documents you need to ship out your vehicle to Africa before to buy it, order to avoid problems when clearing!

- New service: full container from Italian ports to Kribi port ( Cameroun) in 30 days about

- roro0 service to  Malabo, Bata (Guinee Equatorial ) and to Conakry (Guinee) only in transhipment via Antwerp port.

Some vessels are equipped with cranes with lifting capacity up to 40 tons  and a stern ramp capable of loading rolling units weighing up to  150 tons.

Our service on demand include the pick up of the vehicles all over Italy and the transport to the loading port .

We can also  transport project cargo loading on Mafi .

Other services are:

  • Issuing of African Waivers called also E-CTN ( Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) or  BSC (Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison) are mandatory documents required for export to Africa.
    When shipping to West Africa note that apart from the usual documentation for maritime shipping (such as the invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and dispatch release), you must file an additional document called Waiver or Cargo Tracking Note. 

  • Export clearance both for private individuals as well for companies

  • Issuing export documentation , Bill of Lading

  • Warehousing of cars waiting for customer cancelling them from public vehicles register, transport of the car to departure terminal  ( this option is performed only in Genoa)

  • VIP service, this feature is dedicated to new and cars in sound conditions, payng a little amount is possible to let car’s carried with the new cars area that is better guarded by vessel’s staff.

  • Shipping documents in Africa by air courier service


Cristef offre trasporti esclusivi e dedicati in collaborazione con Architetti, interior Design, progettisti, ingegneri ed imprese edili, nei paesi esteri.
Nello specifico seguiamo tutta la filiera logistica, svolgendo un ruolo chiave come intermediari tra clienti e ditte fornitrici. Dal momento della ricezione dell’ordine del cliente, contattiamo direttamente i vari fornitori Italiani ed Europei per organizzare al meglio la gestione dei trasporti.
Organizziamo spedizioni con container completi direttamente dalle fabbriche produttrici, oppure organizziamo per ordini minori, trasporti in groupage, vi mare o via aerea.
Ci occupiamo anche della raccolta della merce con successivo stoccaggio nel magazzino dove successivamente caricheremo i containers con estrema cura e professionalità.

i prodotti che esportiamo soventemente comprendono:
marmo , piastrelle, mosaici, lastre di grandi dimensioni, illuminazioni, parti elettriche, arredamenti interni (divani, letti, materassi, sedie, tavoli, cristalli etc.) arredamenti esterni, infissi, finestre, parti in vetro, serramenti, corrimani, arredo cucine, arredo bagno, sanitari, specchi, box doccia, vasche idromassaggio, tessuti, imbottiture, tappezzeria, carta da parati, porte blindate, porte, macchinari edili e lavorazione delle piastrelle, cementi, malte, colle cementizie, grandi macchinari e molto altro!

seguiamo la clientela in base alle sue richieste, creando un servizio esclusivo, per merce che necessita di estrema attenzione.
PH. +39 0102471214


Vessel’s tracking

We suggest our customer to follow shipment loaded by Cristef by looking with Vessel name on

You can follow your shipment step by step on real time  find Carrier’s Track & Trace + Vessel Schedules + AIS  getting the real idea about when vessel carring your goods is espected to arrive.

You can also see the route vessels, knots, arrivals/departures to anchorage port, berth.

Identify container delays in advance. Access reliable predictive ETA’s for each stop up to the final port of discharge, and see actual arrivals to anchorage, port and terminal in real-time.

Above by putting Vessel’s name that you can see on the Bill of Lading issued by Cristef sas and following the instructions you willo find on marinetraffic site.

This site is particulary useful in nowdays where due to ports congestions you can easily find your shipment situation on board of vessel’s used.

Instead for any information on Cristef’s, transports, logistics services you can go on

Humanitarian aid container for


Humanitarian aid shipments to Africa

Example of a shipment from Italy to Africa, an association bought used vehicles and goods to ship them to the Republic of Congo in Pointe Noire.

As we see in the image these enterprising people bought a 40 ‘HQ container where they were able to load a refrigerated van with a car inside, used tires, used clothes, used irrigation systems and various used tools and equipment.

As you can see from the images, the container was emptied immediately after arriving, the goods distributed to the respective users who immediately put them into operation.

It is a pleasure to see that we can contribute with our services to help those in need, goods that in our world would no longer be used, in Africa they serve to make life less hard, to cultivate the fields, to facilitate travel, to transport of goods.

Cristef helps those who want to ship to Africa to issue the necessary documentation, and monitors that the goods sent are exportable according to the laws of Europe and the various African states.

In order for us to coordinate the shipment so that everything goes well, please submit the documentation of the goods you have, we will examine it and give you any necessary suggestions.

Overload transports –

trasporto eccezionale aereo

The company Cristef has over 25 years experience in the transportation and shipment of exceptional machinery, offshore machinery, heavy loads, foreign plant transport, exceptional transports for Europe.

Cristef’s owner Mr Silvano Ottonello has over 40 years experience in the field of shipping and exceptional transport, we carry road transport with request for road permits  , we embark every type of plant on conventional ships ie ships loading goods Containerized and we use special ships: roll on roll off, ie ships that can load rolling, earth moving machines, excavators, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, cranes, trailers, trailers, bilice and crates, machinery we are loading over mafi Are the Mafi? Are special trailers used to carry goods in port and roll-on and roll-over, and ro-ro ships.

We load heavy loads on heavy lift vessels, ie ships with lifting weights over one hundred tons, and can lift the holes from the dock or truck along the ship’s edge and deposit them in the hold, we also use lift-on-ships and lift off , Which are vessels that have the ability to self-inflate to reach the level of the dock and allow the loading of trailers and special trolleys that carry very heavy holes which otherwise would not be possible to load with the port cranes.

On request, we also charge on self-crushing ships that can receive other boats and yachts that are then fastened to the deck of the ship and transported to the destination.

The plant is followed with special care as usually these contracts are on a door-to-door basis and the machinery vendors must make the goods at the destination sites while also treating the assembly and testing so our assistance often ends only when the plant is completed And tested and we have to follow the packaging of the goods, truck loads, exceptional road transport, port support to embark on goods on ships, stowage, international shipping, disarmament and disembarkation in ports of Destination, road transport at construction sites and often assembly assistance by using the self-propelled cranes that are required.

We are pleased to include some photo archive of shipments and transports made in the 90′s

Moving To United States-CRISTEF.IT

Decided to move to Usa ? not problem Cristef International Forwarding  organises relocations to all USA destinations . Mostly  destinations are Chicago, New York, Washington and Boston on the East Coast, Florida in the South, and Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles on the West Coast.

There is quite large volume of  paperwork involved in relocating to the USA. However, you do not need to worry, because Cristef International Forwarding will follows you with all the formalities. We will provide you with all the information you need for a smooth and problem-free emigration to the USA, in advance.

Cristef International Forwarding  will organise your move to the USA

There are a number of things that you have to take into account when emigrating to the USA. The United States has a number of ‘import regulations’, in other words, you cannot import everything. Thus for example, there are specific rules relating to alcohol and tobacco, and antiques older than 100 years old may be imported free of duty. Would you like to bring your car ? We dpont suggest to do this, only vintage cars older than 25 years  and USA returning cars can enter in USA for all other car it is necessary to obtain EPA/DOT permit to enter and to convert your Car/Bike as per Usa regulations that is very expensive.

Emigration to the USA: full support from door to door

Your household goods will be transported to the USA by sea or by air, after Cristef International Forwarding  has carefully packed and packaged everything in a seaworthy condition. Smaller volumes are often transported by plane, so that your personal belongings will quickly be available to you. Depending on the time required for the customs formalities, relocating to the East Coast of the USA takes by sea 17 days and 7 35 days to the West Coast. Thanks to our good contacts with our local agents , we will have no problems to transport your personal belongings to the USA.

Commercial goods export and impoirt to and from USA

Cristef International Forwarding  can support and organize your  export or import from and to any place in USA by shared container, groupageand full container  also  air shipment , we can perform also export and import clearance  in USA as well in Italy , please send us your request don’t forgetting to indicate all goods details and place of collection and delivery.




In addition to the customs declaration, which is traditionally required for all consignments (except for the European Union, consignments destined for Kenya must be accompanied by the following documents.
For more information, please write to CRISTEF@CRISTEF.IT

A) Commercial invoice
Presented in triplicate and drafted in English

B) Document EUR.1
Following an interim partnership agreement between Kenya and the EU, customs services may request an EUR.1 document when importing products and, in particular, when they are incorporated into the manufacture of a local product and re – EU.
Shipment less than 6,000 Euros or made by an accredited exporter may give rise to a declaration (such as EUR1, when incorporated in the manufacture of a local product and re-exported to the EU). This must be done on an invoice, delivery voucher or other commercial document that describes the product sufficiently detailed to be identified.
The statement is as follows:
The exporter of the products covered by this document (customs authorization number …) declares that, unless expressly stated otherwise, these products have a preferential origin …. (Place and date) …. (signature of the exporter And the full name of the petitioner).

C) Certificate of origin
For products of Community origin which can not benefit from an EUR.1 document and for non-Community products, a Certificate of Origin, as well as food, may be required, which must be drawn up on the Community form.
D) Phytosanitary certificate
Necessary for fruit, vegetables, seeds.

E) Health certificate for meat
Necessary for meat.
Because of the risk of contamination of the “mad cow” disease, a number of countries have decided to suspend imports of meat and derived products from the countries of Europe.
Kenya is open to live birds and beef embryos.
As the ever-evolving list is suggested, contact your importer directly.

E) Certificate of free sale of cosmetics
Based on the information provided by the exporter, it certifies that the products shipped comply with the Italian law and free and current sales on the national territory.
The kenyota (kebs – kenya bureau of standards) has introduced the pre-export compliance test (PVoC) in the standardization program to ensure the quality of the products, which must also meet the health and safety standards and safeguard Environmental kenyans. Products must meet the requirements before they can be exported to Kenya – Non-compliant goods will be denied entry to the country. For Kenya only certain categories of food are exempted from the program (including flours, animal and vegetable oils and fats, fresh fruit, animal products and others).
All products subject to PVoC intended for Kenya must obtain a certificate of conformity in their country of origin prior to embarkation. It constitutes an indispensable customs document and the responsibility for obtaining it falls on the exporter.
The PVoC kenyota ensures that the goods meet mandatory safety and quality requirements, permits international trade, avoids customs delays and reduces potential losses from importing non-compliant products. The key elements of the PVoC are:
• Physical control before boarding;
• Sampling, testing and analysis in accredited laboratories;
• Audit of production processes;
• Documentary compliance with regulations;
• Assessment of compliance with standards.
From November 15, 2008, inspection can be carried out by two authorized companies.
The exporter should however initiate the request and choose the control office. Companies will be able to assist in the filling and plumbing of containers.

 ATTENTION: From 5h October 2021 following commodities will be subject to deeply checking:

KEBS conducted market surveillance during which they found out that the below listed products failed severally to meet the requirements of the applicable standards.

  1. Disposal adult diapers
  2. Bath towels
  3. Electric cables
  4. Ceramics tiles
  5. Gauze rolls
  6. Infant garments
  7. Non-woven wet wipes
  8. Reflectors (High Visibility garments)
  9. Hand sanitizers
  10. School bags
  11. Surgical masks

As a result KEBS has instructed immediate implementation of the below measures in respect to certification of the above mentioned products

  1.                                           i.    Route A : Certification of the said products under route A shall require that tests are conducted on samples drawn from the consignment during physical inspection. Samples shall be tested in PVoC contractor’s laboratory or any other recognized laboratory.

Issuance of CoC shall be based on amongst other requirements test results of the samples drawn from the consignment.

  1.                                          ii.    Route B and/or C: Immediate next shipment under either of these routes shall be subjected to physical inspection and testing (as per route A above) irrespective of the existing surveillance plans.

Registration or License of products that fail to comply with the requirements of the applicable Kenya standards shall be cancelled. The cancelled SoR or SoL will be communicated to KEBS.

The country does not adhere to the ATA Convention. Temporary exports are made according to the procedure of your legislation by an agent.
Ask for more information at CRISTEF@CRISTEF.IT

(A) Transport Documents

B) List of packages

C) Transport insurance
Shipments destined for the country can be carried out without local insurance.
D) Treatment of wooden packagings
Wood packaging for Kenya should be handled and labeled according to the regulations
For more information, please contact:


Cristef offers LCL service dedicated to both companies and individuals.
We can collect the goods directly from your home and deliver them to your home
Always indicate the dimensions of the packages and an indicative weight, the collection and delivery location.
If you send us photos and a list you will help us to give you the best conditions.
Below is a list of destinations where we can deliver or collect your goods:
Albuquerque (US) Los Angeles 41
Atlanta (US) New York 21
Austin (US) New York 22
Baltimore (US) New York 18
Birmingham (US) New York 22
Boston (US) New York 18
Brownsville (US) New York 32
Buffalo (US) New York 18
Charleston (US) New York 18
Charlotte (US) New York 18
Chattanooga (US) New York 19
Chicago (US) Chicago 20
Chicago (US) New York 18
Cincinnati (US) Chicago 22
Cincinnati (US) New York 18
Cleveland (US) Chicago 22
Cleveland (US) New York 18
Columbus (US) Chicago 22
Columbus (US) New York 18
Dallas (US) Los Angeles 45
Dallas (US) New York 21
Dayton (US) Chicago 22
Dayton (US) New York 18
Denver (US) Los Angeles
Des Moines (US) Chicago 22
Des Moines (US) New York 20
Detroit (US) Chicago 22
Detroit (US) New York 18
El Paso (US) Los Angeles 43
El Paso (US) New York 32
Grand Rapids (US) Chicago 22
Grand Rapids (US) New York 20
Greensboro (US) New York 18
Greenville (US) New York 18
Hidalgo (US) New York 32
Houston (US) Los Angeles 45
Houston (US) New York 21
Huntsville (US) New York 20
Indianapolis (US) Chicago 22
Indianapolis (US) New York 19
Jacksonville (US) New York 19
Kansas City (US) Chicago 22
Kansas City (US) New York 20
Knoxville (US) New York 19
Laredo (US) Los Angeles 46
Laredo (US) New York 28
Las Vegas (US) New York 32
Little Rock (US) New York 21
Los Angeles (US) Los Angeles 38
Louisville (US) Chicago 22
Louisville (US) New York 19
Memphis (US) New York 19
Miami (US) Miami 21
Milwaukee (US) Chicago 22
Milwaukee (US) New York 21
Minneapolis (US) Chicago 22
Minneapolis (US) New York 21
Mobile (US) New York 20
Nashville (US) New York 19
New Orleans (US) New York 20
New York (US) New York 17
Nogales (US) Los Angeles 42
Norfolk (US) New York 23
Oklahoma City (US) New York 32
Omaha (US) Chicago 22
Omaha (US) New York 32
Greenville (US) New York 18
Hidalgo (US) New York 32
Houston (US) Los Angeles 45
Houston (US) New York 21
Huntsville (US) New York 20
Indianapolis (US) Chicago 22
Indianapolis (US) New York 19
Jacksonville (US) New York 19
Kansas City (US) Chicago 22
Knoxville (US) New York 19
Laredo (US) Los Angeles 46
Laredo (US) New York 28
Las Vegas (US) Los Angeles 41
Las Vegas (US) New York 32
Little Rock (US) New York 21
Los Angeles (US) Los Angeles 38
Louisville (US) Chicago 22
Louisville (US) New York 19
Memphis (US) New York 19
Milwaukee (US) Chicago 22
Milwaukee (US) New York 21
Minneapolis (US) Chicago 22
Mobile (US) New York 20
New Orleans (US) New York 20
New York (US) New York 17
Nogales (US) Los Angeles 42
Nogales (US) New York 32
Norfolk (US) New York 23
Oklahoma City (US) New York 32
Omaha (US) Chicago 22
Omaha (US) New York 32

Orlando (US) New York 19
Philadelphia (US) New York 18
Phoenix (US) Los Angeles 41
Phoenix (US) New York 32
Pittsburgh (US) New York 18
Portland (US) Los Angeles 44
Portland (US) New York 32 O
Providence (US) New York 19
Raleigh (US) New York 18
Richmond (US) New York 18
Rochester (US) New York 18
Salt Lake City (US) Los Angeles 43 O
Salt Lake City (US) New York 32 San Antonio, Texas
(US) New York 21
San Diego (US) Los Angeles 40
San Diego (US) New York 30
San Francisco (US) Los Angeles 40
San Francisco (US) New York 32
Savannah (US) New York 26
Seattle (US) Los Angeles 44
Seattle (US) New York 32
Shreveport (US) Los Angeles 50
Springfield (US) Chicago 22
Springfield (US) New York 20
St Louis (US) Chicago 22
St Louis (US) New York 20
Tampa (US) New York 19 O
Tucson (US) Los Angeles 42
Tucson (US) New York 32
Tulsa (US) New York 32 O
Wichita (US) Los Angeles 44
Wichita (US) New York 20
Wilmington (US) New York 18


Cristef can receive the goods to be shipped abroad or coming from abroad at the warehouses located in different Italian locations.

The goods we can receive at warehouse are pallets, pallets, europallets, crates, cages, skids, coils, sacks, sacks, cartons, bulk goods, 20 ‘container containers from 40′.

In some warehouses we can also receive and handle temperature controlled goods for fresh produce, food and wine.

For the goods we export, we get the goods from the trucks, store them and then containerize them in containers of 20 ‘and 40′ or to be packed and delivered on board ships for shipment abroad to the various ports of destination.

Imported goods we receive 20 ‘containers or 40′ containers we empty the containers and store the goods which will then be reloaded on trucks for delivery and delivery to the recipients of the goods.

Some warehouses are also in the foreign state, ie they are authorized by the Customs Agency to receive foreign goods and customs clearance for both customs and import customs.

The customs export and import customs procedure in foreign warehouses is very useful because it allows them to carry out their customs operations without the goods being subject to delays and heavy costs if the Customs Agency wants to make customs visits, in fact when customs checks are made with goods in containers at the ports of departure or arrival are paid heavy costs of port stop and goods handling, but with the goods in foreign warehouses Dogna can check the goods without them being emptied containers or that containers have to bear the costs of port stops.

In the warehouses we can load any type of goods, cars that will be put into containers, cargo on pallets, cartons loaded in containers, loaded with personal belongings in containers, loads of furniture in containers, packing of goods in cartons, packing over pallets, packing in wooden boxes, packing goods in cartons.

Warehouses are in: Genoa warehouse, Milan warehouse, Trieste warehouse, Venice warehouse, Trieste Warehouse, Warehouse Ancona, Warehouse La Spezia, Warehouse Livorno, Warehouse Florence, Warehouse Bologna.

For more information call us at 3356062020 or write us an email: