Cristef can receive the goods to be shipped abroad or coming from abroad at the warehouses located in different Italian locations.

The goods we can receive at warehouse are pallets, pallets, europallets, crates, cages, skids, coils, sacks, sacks, cartons, bulk goods, 20 ‘container containers from 40′.

In some warehouses we can also receive and handle temperature controlled goods for fresh produce, food and wine.

For the goods we export, we get the goods from the trucks, store them and then containerize them in containers of 20 ‘and 40′ or to be packed and delivered on board ships for shipment abroad to the various ports of destination.

Imported goods we receive 20 ‘containers or 40′ containers we empty the containers and store the goods which will then be reloaded on trucks for delivery and delivery to the recipients of the goods.

Some warehouses are also in the foreign state, ie they are authorized by the Customs Agency to receive foreign goods and customs clearance for both customs and import customs.

The customs export and import customs procedure in foreign warehouses is very useful because it allows them to carry out their customs operations without the goods being subject to delays and heavy costs if the Customs Agency wants to make customs visits, in fact when customs checks are made with goods in containers at the ports of departure or arrival are paid heavy costs of port stop and goods handling, but with the goods in foreign warehouses Dogna can check the goods without them being emptied containers or that containers have to bear the costs of port stops.

In the warehouses we can load any type of goods, cars that will be put into containers, cargo on pallets, cartons loaded in containers, loaded with personal belongings in containers, loads of furniture in containers, packing of goods in cartons, packing over pallets, packing in wooden boxes, packing goods in cartons.

Warehouses are in: Genoa warehouse, Milan warehouse, Trieste warehouse, Venice warehouse, Trieste Warehouse, Warehouse Ancona, Warehouse La Spezia, Warehouse Livorno, Warehouse Florence, Warehouse Bologna.

For more information call us at 3356062020 or write us an email:

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