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trasporto merci pericolose 2 Chemical dangerous goods imoWe ship and deliver dangerous goods, hazardous chemicals, flammable goods classified imo and adr to and from any source and destination worldwide.

We provide practices to prepare them dangerous goods at local offices of harbor security, the commanders of ships and customs. We deliver and ship dangerous goods by sea, by air and by road.

Transport Dangerous Goods

Cristef S.A.S. as a leader in transportation and logistics, with extensive experience in transporting any type of hazardous goods, as well as the coordination group for the goods subject to restrictions, staff Cristef sas will give you great suggestions.
Terms of Ship
  1. Shipments of dangerous goods shall be prepared in accordance with the regulations on dangerous goods standards (regulations air, rail, road, sea applicable):
  • Documents required – you must fill out, where applicable, a statement of dangerous goods by the sender, signed only by the sender and joined the expedition. It ‘important that all the changes introduced by the State or by the Operator.
  1. Approval of traffic, and only accept shipments of dangerous goods that have been registered and approved.
Important Dates and Information
The transport of dangerous goods is a risk when not packed or handled properly. If the goods are hidden, declared incorrectly, unreported at all, packaged or labeled incorrectly, can be compromised health and safety.

If in doubt, refer to the control board manufacturer’s safety in order to ensure that the product will actually be sent as an ordinary commodity.
The sender is responsible for the declaration, packaging and labeling of dangerous goods. accept dangerous goods but with some restrictions for the various services and products offered and subject to certain conditions.
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We cover the insurance on all the goods on the air/sea/road transports on warehouse/wharesous basis. Ask for our quotation supplying us: c&f value, kind of goods, kind of packages, place of ...
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When requested we warehouse the goods wating to be loaded  for final destinations. - abroad warehouse: where goods coming from abroad countries are warehoused in transit to another abroad country or ...
Insurance goods
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