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Cristef s.a.s. Spedizioni e Trasporti Internazionali; Welcome,



Cristef S.A.S. and ‘was founded in 1990 by Mr. Silvano Ottonello and belongs to one hundred percent to the family Ottonello.
Mr. Ottonello, owner and managing director of the company, he worked for many years in all areas of Transportation: Railways: Director for a company of Italian agent “Canadian National Railways” for oversized transport from Italy to Canada and To states of North America.

Cruises: Director of Italian agent for a company of P & O Cruises.

Shipping Agency: Agency Director for Italian maritime agent Delmas Velieux and other major shipping lines to ship full containers and multipurpose.

: Director Company agent for a major rental companies containers.

Flexitanks: Director of Italian company agent company that flexitanks containers for loading liquid products.

Road transport: Director for Italian company agent Ferrymaster group P & O for Road Transport and Intermodal Italy / North Europe / Italy with Trailers, Large volumes and swap bodies. .

Trading: Director for company import / export of coal and oil.

Nvocc: Having now direct agents of major U.S. companies NVOCC

Customs agent: Director of company officials at import and export


International Shipping: Director and before sales manager for Major companies specializing in overland transport, air and maritime, where he coordinated thousands of shipments of goods of all kinds, from small packages to large systems for Mechanical industries, oil, moving out of gauge cargo, heavy packages and containers.

Mr. Silvano Ottonello transferred its deep experience 360 degree founding Cristef, company ‘young, flexible and aggressive, highly professional, able to tackle any type of project in the field of transport, international shipping and shipping and logistics in general.
Allowing the company to adapt to any market situation and to be always competitive and dynamic .. Society and ‘organized in order to offer their service in whole Italy, receiving and shipping goods via any port Italian and European.

Mission: The primary purpose of the company and ‘to be an agent of a foreign company and its policy and’ to assist all foreign companies that need the help of a true neutral partner in Italy, In our business, our twenty years of loyalty and kindness are now known all over the world and thanks to this we are able to move with ease on the international shipping. All practices are followed directly from our direction of Genoa, which distributes and educates the various offices Italians. No matter how large or small your company is, you are always welcome in our family!

When requested we give our consultancy to ue and abroad partners on italian fiscal rules and regulations. In particular we help on corporate a company in italy or to sell theyr ...
We operate all over the world; IMPORT-EXPORT; From abroad and from abroad to Italy. Cristef s.a.s. international freight forwarding and transports Address VIA TOMMASO REGGIO 17/58 16123 GENOA, ITALY. TEL ...
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