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The company Cristef has over 25 years experience in the transportation and shipment of exceptional machinery, offshore machinery, heavy loads, foreign plant transport, exceptional transports for Europe.

Cristef’s owner Mr Silvano Ottonello has over 40 years experience in the field of shipping and exceptional transport, we carry road transport with request for road permits  , we embark every type of plant on conventional ships ie ships loading goods Containerized and we use special ships: roll on roll off, ie ships that can load rolling, earth moving machines, excavators, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, cranes, trailers, trailers, bilice and crates, machinery we are loading over mafi Are the Mafi? Are special trailers used to carry goods in port and roll-on and roll-over, and ro-ro ships.

We load heavy loads on heavy lift vessels, ie ships with lifting weights over one hundred tons, and can lift the holes from the dock or truck along the ship’s edge and deposit them in the hold, we also use lift-on-ships and lift off , Which are vessels that have the ability to self-inflate to reach the level of the dock and allow the loading of trailers and special trolleys that carry very heavy holes which otherwise would not be possible to load with the port cranes.

On request, we also charge on self-crushing ships that can receive other boats and yachts that are then fastened to the deck of the ship and transported to the destination.

The plant is followed with special care as usually these contracts are on a door-to-door basis and the machinery vendors must make the goods at the destination sites while also treating the assembly and testing so our assistance often ends only when the plant is completed And tested and we have to follow the packaging of the goods, truck loads, exceptional road transport, port support to embark on goods on ships, stowage, international shipping, disarmament and disembarkation in ports of Destination, road transport at construction sites and often assembly assistance by using the self-propelled cranes that are required.

We are pleased to include some photo archive of shipments and transports made in the 90′s

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Preventivo trasporto internazionale merce import export, via mare, via aerea, via terra, container 20',container 40', fuori sagoma,

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Preventivo trasloco internazionale merce import export, via mare, via aerea, via terra, container 20',container 40', fuori sagoma, per effetti personali, mobili, automobili, e qualsiasi veicolo.

Transports Italy Africa FAQ

stivaggio automobile in container

Transport Italy for all destinations in Africa, we transport cars in roro service, trucks in roro, heavy vehicles in roro, systems that we load on mafi from 20 ‘and 40′, we ship any goods in 20 ‘and 40′ containers, we load containers from all over Italy for Africa with container ships navigation line and car carrier and roro line. We transport new and used vehicles, cars, rolling stock from: Genoa. Livorno, Salerno for: Casablanca in 7 days, Dakar in 11 days, Nouakchott in 20 days, Conakry in 24 days, Monrovia in 31 days, Pointe noire in 27 days, Luanda in 28 days, Douala in 30 days, Libreville in 46 days , Banjul in 47 days., Theme in 26 days, Lagos in 19 days, Cotonou in 18 days, Lome ‘in 17 days, Abidjan in 15 days. We prepare all the necessary documentation for Africa, Besc, Ectn, Ctn, Tracking note, call us at 3356062020 or send us an email to: