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Decided to move to Usa ? not problem Cristef International Forwarding  organises relocations to all USA destinations . Mostly  destinations are Chicago, New York, Washington and Boston on the East Coast, Florida in the South, and Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles on the West Coast.

There is quite large volume of  paperwork involved in relocating to the USA. However, you do not need to worry, because Cristef International Forwarding will follows you with all the formalities. We will provide you with all the information you need for a smooth and problem-free emigration to the USA, in advance.

Cristef International Forwarding  will organise your move to the USA

There are a number of things that you have to take into account when emigrating to the USA. The United States has a number of ‘import regulations’, in other words, you cannot import everything. Thus for example, there are specific rules relating to alcohol and tobacco, and antiques older than 100 years old may be imported free of duty. Would you like to bring your car ? We dpont suggest to do this, only vintage cars older than 25 years  and USA returning cars can enter in USA for all other car it is necessary to obtain EPA/DOT permit to enter and to convert your Car/Bike as per Usa regulations that is very expensive.

Emigration to the USA: full support from door to door

Your household goods will be transported to the USA by sea or by air, after Cristef International Forwarding  has carefully packed and packaged everything in a seaworthy condition. Smaller volumes are often transported by plane, so that your personal belongings will quickly be available to you. Depending on the time required for the customs formalities, relocating to the East Coast of the USA takes by sea 17 days and 7 35 days to the West Coast. Thanks to our good contacts with our local agents , we will have no problems to transport your personal belongings to the USA.

Commercial goods export and impoirt to and from USA

Cristef International Forwarding  can support and organize your  export or import from and to any place in USA by shared container, groupageand full container  also  air shipment , we can perform also export and import clearance  in USA as well in Italy , please send us your request don’t forgetting to indicate all goods details and place of collection and delivery.

We operate all over the world; IMPORT-EXPORT; From abroad and from abroad to Italy. Cristef s.a.s. international freight forwarding and transports Address VIA TOMMASO REGGIO 17/58 16123 GENOA, ITALY. TEL ...
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