Road transports services

trasporti terrestri Road transports servicesInternational transport by road and rail is often used as a completion service to aviation and maritime transport, however in some cases it is convenient to use the land transport also known as road transport.

A concrete example: The client needs a transport of goods from Milan to Buenos Aires:

We offer: the loading of the goods in question from the point of loading preset in Milan, true by means of a truck / container to the port of Genoa, where then will be loaded to the port of Doom in Buenos Aires.

  • We carry out any type of goods from North to South Italy I include islands.
  • We serve both Western Europe and Eastern Europe with service road or combined rail and road.
  • Shipping & Demark and internationally;
  • The goods entrusted to us

    are treated with care and precision to its destination.

The transport part and full cover all the Italian regions:

Emilia romagna 
Friuli venezia giulia 
Trentino alto adige 


  • The vehicles that work for the company are selected and comply with regulations. The large fleet includes several types of vehicles, specifically suited to all transport.
  • The service container transport and ‘done following the ports of departure and arrival terminals, and various Italian,
  • transport is coordinated both on a round trip that intermodal.
  • The exceptional transport of heavy parcels and packages with measures exceeding the gauge and ‘done with special means based on the weight and measures of packages. we provide to apply for road permits for exceptional transport.

We use different types of vehicles,

  • trailers 13.60,
  • large volumes,
  • engines, platforms,
  • goose necks,
  • low loader,
  • truck 07/06/12 meters,
  • truck tarpaulin,
  • washers container ships,
  • extendable tables.

For express deliveries we use small vans.



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  1. Salve vorrei spedire uno scooter, un piaggio beverly 250 del 2001, che deve partire dalla Sicilia fino alla Svizzera..vorrei sapere quanto mi costerebbe la spedizione…attendo una vostra risposta,vi ringrazio in anticipo cordiali saluti

  2. salve vorrei spedire un’auto che deve partire dalla Sicilia fino in Germania, la macchina in questione è una Citroën c3 1.400 benzina anno 2010,vorrei sapere il costo della spedizione attendo la vostra risposta cordiali saluti

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