When requested we warehouse the goods wating to be loaded  for final destinations.

- abroad warehouse: where goods coming from abroad countries are warehoused in transit to another abroad country or are temporarily warehoused order to perform special fiscal clearance.

- national warehouse , where goods are warehoused after being custom’s cleared  of waiting to be exported abroad or loded on trucks to reach Italian suppliers or european and east europe final destinations.

- open terminals where large and heavy goods are warehoused to be loaded /unloaded , fixed /unfixed  to and from  special containers, trucks , rail wagons.

In the warehouse we also provide to count, label , pack goods of any kinds when is requested.

sample 1 270x80 Warehousing
We are custom brokers and we perform our service in all italian ports and airports. We custom clear any kind of goods both for export as well in import for any ...
Imballaggi Warehousing
we pack any kind of goods on pallets or on water proof cases using seaworty material. Packages material used is marked ispm 15 in conformity to actual rules , and also ...
Cristef can receive the goods to be shipped abroad or coming from abroad at the warehouses located in different Italian locations. The goods we can receive at warehouse are pallets, pallets, ...
MSDU4050458 8 Warehousing
Movers and transports for private individuals and companies  Italy / Canary Islands / Italy. We carry personal effects and all kinds of goods both with container and in groupage maritime ...
Custom broker services
Removals for canaries
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    Buongiorno, devo portare in Gran Canaria 2 auto di mia proprietà più precisamente un OPEL CORSA e un FIAT PANDA, all’inizio di febbraio 2018. le due macchine dovrebbero essere riempite di beni ed effetti personali. vorrei avere informazioni per il trasporto su container con relativo costo. grazie

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